About me

My name is Anatoliy Dimitrov and I am a devoted open source evangelist. I am particularly interested in website security and that's why I have created this website. Here I am sharing my professional experience from my work in ISPs, web hosting companies, payment processors and IT giants.

Some of the topics I am covering are:

  • How to keep your site, web, application and database server secure;
  • How to clean your site after it has been hacked / defaced;
  • Interesting code in PHP, Java, Perl, MySQL or Linux scripts for the everyday routines;
  • General Linux practices and recipes;
  • Anything concerned with managing IT environments, Open Source and Linux servers...

I am always keen to learn and explore new IT technologies and techniques. This allows me always to stay on the top of the newest and best in IT.

In my work I am lead by the principle that things have to be done the right way and you have to endure the temptation of applying a temporary hack. I take pride in my work and I believe that the long term results speak for my abilities.

To get in touch with me please use my contact page or send me an email at [email protected]

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