Backup And Recovery Consulting

Backup and recovery are some of the most important and still the most underestimated tasks in IT management. Good backup and fast recovery design is about saving your business during the most critical moments. Our consulting includes:

  • Robust and reliable backup solutions - complete design of file-level and block-level backups for the important data you have;
  • Fast restore procedures - complete design and testing of the best and fastest way to restore your backups with minimum to no loss;
  • Encrypted backups - protection of the backups from physical theft;
  • Remote storage - finding the the best place for your backups requires that the remote storage is not under similar physical or remote vulnerabilities as the main site;
There are numerous backup solutions - both commercial and Open Source. Price is important but usually it's the smallest part of the total cost of your backup design.
Don't get lost in the jungle of offers but get the advice from the experts. Contact us now and we'll walk you through the whole process from finding the best solution to setting it up correctly on your servers.

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