Internet Explorer Is Insecure

I don't use Internet Explorer because it does not run on Linux in the first place. However, I don't agree when hearing that Internet Explorer is insecure. Yes, if you use Internet Explorer 6 and you haven't updated your Windows for years then the first site with virus will compromise your PC.

But as a whole Internet Explorer is just as secure as any other browser. Of course, take into consideration that it is the most popular browser and naturally all exploits target it. Thus if you just don't use it most exploits won't affect your browser. This is not always true though because most advanced exploits check your browser agent and send you applicable exploit. Smart, isn't it :)

Furthermore, there is much that can be done for securing additionally Internet Explorer. For example, disable all java, javascript, flash and so on... Anything that does not affect the sites you visit should be disabled or you could just whitelist those sites. Also, don't store any passwords in it because they can be easily stolen.

So as a whole Internet Explorer is not insecure but it is harder to keep it secure compared to less popular browsers.

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