Internet Security Software

Internet Security Software helps you stay safe on the provenly unsafe Internet. Generally, such software monitors your Internet connection and stop suspicious traffic. Thus in some ways Internet Security Software is an intelligent firewall but it can be more than that. For example, Internet Security Software may change your browser / email clients settings and install third party plugins in them to prevent malicious scripts being executed from the latter. 

Most antivirus programs (Norton, Nod32, Kaspersky) have evolved in entire security suits which include Internet Security Software. This is because nowadays most computer security threats come from the Internet and any application that accepts traffic from the Internet can be exploited. Thus it is important to apply additional security at the very source of the threat. Internet Security Software differs for Windows, Linux and Mac. Such software is a must for Windows whose users are targeted most frequently.

 While it is hard to say which one is the best we will offer you a comparison of the most popular: 

 Comparison Chart
Firewall Spam protection Adware / Spyware Phishing protection Others Price
Norton Internet Security + + + + Safe Web, Bot protection, Antirootkit $69.99
Kaspersky Internet Security + + + + System Watcher technology, Rescue CD $59.95
ESET Smart Security + + + + Tiny signature updates, Lighter engine $48.00

From first look all three products look alike and have similar features. That's natural taking into consideration that Norton, Kaspersky and Eset have excellent products which are worth the price. Speaking of the price, the cheapest solution comes from Eset, just as they offer the lightest and fastest experience. 

Norton offers the most expensive choice and the price suggests its the most substantial product which may require extra resources though. Kaspersky is in the middle both in terms of price and features. In my experience, Kaspersky is the best choice when it comes to antivirus software. My reasons are that they offer the best protection while avoiding resource over-usage. 

Still, before purchasing any of the above products check the trial versions and see it for yourself which program protects you enough without slowing down considerably the system. Internet Security Software is important but it should not slow down your productivity.

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