Is It Safe To Use Free Website Templates

The answer is as usually - it depends. And in this case it depends mostly on the provider of the template. If it is a well-known company you would probably give it just a link from the footer of your site.

However, some less known sources release templates / themes with 2 problems:

1. Copyrighted Images - even if the releaser of the template has a right to use an image, you may NOT have that right. Then you will go to the Getty Images Hell.

2. Very often there is hidden code in the sources of the template. Usually it is used eval(gzinflate(base64_decode('asdasd')) or just base64_decode(). The problem is that most people don't see what is in this code and very often it appears to include content from other sites. This is a huge risk because you never know what is going to be included today in your site. If you see such source try the tools below to decode it: - eval gzinflate base64_decode PHP Decoder - base 64 decode

Thus don't use third party free website templates unless you understand all of its source and you can make sure the images have proper copyrights.

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