Kaspersky Rescue Disk

As previously mentioned, many websites are compromised because the webmasters' computers are infected with a computer virus. Thus, it is essential for the website security to keep your local computer clean from viruses.

There are many antivirus products but we will review <a href="http://support.kaspersky.com/viruses/rescuedisk">Kaspersky Rescue Disk</a> because:

1. It is free of charge

2. It does not depend on the Windows operating system. Instead it runs on bootable Linux. Have asked yourself how good an antivirus program is if your Windows is so compromised that it cannot run anything.

3. There will be no locked files, no protected files and so on... That's where usually viruses love to hide.

4. It is very reliable and up to date. You have the option to update the live cd as long as you have a working network.

Once you are convinced that Kaspersky Rescue Disk suits your current needs follow these steps:

1. Download and burn the cd. Check for a current link on the official site.

2. Boot the live cd in graphical mode and choose your language.

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Boot Screen

You can pick the option for text mode boot if your pc is low in resources. However, it is a bit more unpleasant to work without GUI and takes too many actions.

3. Update the virus signatures - that's a must in any case.

kaspersky rescue disk update signatures

4. Finally, start the scan and prepare yourself for a shock. The last time I ran it for a friend of mine(yes, she was a girl), it showed more than 80 threats :) When a threat is found it will ask you what to do. In most cases it is safe to delete the file but if you have any doubt it is a system file check it on the net for certain (and don't trust only the name of the file).

Kaspersky Rescue Disk Scan Files 

Once you go through all of the above you may consider your local PC safer than before. That's one of the many things on which website security relies.

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