Website And Server Monitoring

Website and server monitoring allows you to detect performance and security problems in time. Don't wait for your clients tell you about problems and catch you by surprise. Our monitoring services include:

  • Availability monitoring - ping, service requests (http, https, MySQL and others) and custom request crafting for specific services. Any time a threshold is passed or content is missing you will be immediately notified in a number of ways - mail, sms or other customized request;
  • Trends analysis - we can offer you performance trends for your site and server. This allows you to take informed decisions on when and how to attack various problems and bottlenecks;
  • Nagios consulting - from complete setup to debugging complex problems and creating custom checks. Nagios is the most powerful and extendible monitoring tool which we know very well;
  • Cacti consulting - we can configure Cacti to monitor any performance indicator from website load time to MySQL cache usage. Cacti is also extendible and you we can create custom graphs for anything that returns a numeric value.
  • Server monitoring - with our help you can follow closely load, memory and I/O usage. Open your eyes to what happens on your server and take full control over the server resources;
  • File and directory integrity checking - we can configure a solution for monitoring any changes on your server's file system. We can configure for you Aide, Samhain or any other integrity checker and make sure you receive timely alarms when a file or directory changes;
  • Rootkit detection - our expertise with rkhunter and lynis allow us to reliably detect a compromised server;
  • Antivirus protection - we can help you find the best antivirus solution for your server, install it and configure it to your needs.
  • Pro-active monitoring - passive monitoring is in the past. Pro-active monitoring allows you to resolve a problem as soon as it occurs, thus avoiding downtime and further problems. Once we understand your business environment and servers setup we can desgin the best automatic failover scenario for your needs.

Don't wait for problems to mount and cause you business losses. Ensure maximum performance and uptime with our website and monitoring services now. Receive the best solution and the lowest price by contacting us now.

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