MySQL High Availability Services

MySQL High Availability is important because very often MySQL is the bottleneck for website performance and security. To address this bottleneck we offer:

  • MySQL replication - design of any kind of replication for your needs with multiple masters and slaves;
  • MySQL proxy - configuration of a MySQL proxy to offload your main MySQL master servers by forwarding SELECT queries to slaves. MySQL proxy can be also used for High Availability and automatic failover;
  • MySQL scripting and automation - everyting from alerting to solving availability problems in a smart and secure way;
  • MySQL tuning and performance benchmarking - adjusting your MySQL server settings for optimal resource usage and caching, inspection of the slow logs, database indexing.
  • MySQL updates and upgrades - upgrade now your MySQL server to the latest version and benefit from all the performance patches conributed by Facebook and the other leaders in performance. Don't wait for these patches to arrive in your distribution's official repository.
For us, MySQL High Availability is not just an abstract term for incurring extra IT operational costs. Instead, it's applied practices, proven to work in the most demanding environments.
Discover the peace of mind that High Availability MySQL provides. Contact us now.

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