Website Security Info Information about website security, server security and various howtos. en-us Copyright (C) 2014 Resolve Joomla! Spam Mail Relay Learn how to resolve Joomla! spam mail relay problem that is still found in the latest versions. Safest Web Applications And Technologies Learn which are the safest web applications and technologies. What's New In PHP 5.3 Learn what is new in PHP 5.3 and take full advantage of its new features. Fast And Secure Server Setup Set up a fast and secure web server based on Linux Secure Joomla Extensions Some basic guidelines for writing safe and secure Joomla extensions PHP Application Firewall A simple PHP firewall and example on how to build one Internet Security Software Reviews on Internet security software and antivirus programs - Norton, Kaspersky and others LiteSpeed Web Server Install and configure LiteSpeed web server with latest PHP and vhosts support Web Application Security Testing How to test web applications for security vulnerabilities and to make sure your code is secure. Sanitize PHP Variables Santize PHP variables and ensure your user input is received safely Joomla Vulnerabilities Scan Check out a popular Joomla vulnerability scan or rather scam Site Hacked Complaints Your site has been hacked and you wonder who to complain to? Check this for more info. IP Based Protection Against Malicious Activities Learn more about IP based protection and its PROs / CONs OsCommerce / ZenCart Security Secure OsCommerce and ZenCart covering the most important security aspects. Internet Explorer Is Insecure Is it just a myth that Internet Explorer is insecure. Check this article for more info. Secure Web Hosting Tips to check if your web hosting is safe and secure Kaspersky Rescue Disk Information about Kaspersky Rescue Disk and its usage to remove securely viruses Is It Safe To Use Free Website Templates Learn if it is safe to use free website templates? PHP Encryption Find out if PHP encryption is really helping you protect your data CakePHP Tutorial Learn the basics of one of the most popular and easy to use PHP frameworks - CakePHP MySQL Cheatsheet All important MySQL commands for your daily use. This may save your day when under pressure. Yii Tutorial First steps in the fastest and probably the best PHP framework Website Security Services Website security - defend from spam, intrusion, DDOS and any other malicious activities About me Find information about the site and its author Anatoliy Dimitrov. Website Security Everything about website security, PHP, Perl and Linux. Related articles and useful code snippets Ips Blacklist Manager Learn how to create Ips blacklist manager Find And Replace Script Use this Find And Replace Script to substitute code over multiple files. Malicious Code Finder Learn how to find malicious code in your web pages Base64 Decode Learn how to decode Base64 code Oracle Jeos Review of Oracle Jeos Linux(Unbrakable Linux) and first steps with it Sigplus Missing GD or Imagick Learn how to fix [sigplus] Critical error about The Graphics Draw (gd) or ImageMagick (imagick) MagickWand-config Install ImageMagick-devel to fix MagickWand-config error Database Optimization Learn how to optimize your database and keep it fast and secure Bad 404 Http Requests Learn about some bad 404 http errors and what they really mean and who is behind them. Cannot load mcrypt extension Seeing the error "Cannot load mcrypt extension"? Check here how to resolve it Migrate Gallery2 To Yii Migrate an outdated Gallery2 to Yii Framework. Follow these complete tutorial for a full migration. 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SSH Tunneling In Windows Learn how to use SSH tunneling in Windows and proxy connectivity remotely. Running A Repository Through Proxy Learn how to configure a proxy as CentOS or Ubuntu repository. This helps saving traffic. Linux Terminal Server Learn how to install a Linux terminal server and establish remote connections to it. Monitoring With Nagios Learn how to monitor your servers with Nagios. Improve uptime and performance. Overview Of NoSQL and MongoDB Introduction to NoSQL and Mongodb database management system Backtrack 5 Cookbook Review In details review of the book Backtrack 5 Cookbook and its cool recipes and explanations. MySQL High Availability Services MySQL High Availability services including MySQL replication, proxy and automatic failover Website And Server Monitoring Monitoring closely your website and server to ensure best performance and highest security Backup And Recovery Consulting Find out the best backup and recovery design for your environment. Linux Server Security Secure your Linux server up to the best security standards and practices Secure solutions and programming Request any custom solution and we'll program it for you. Webserver Optimization Services Webserver optimization services for better caching, load balancing and security How To Create A Bullet-proof Disaster Recovery Plan Read this article to understand what it takes to create the perfect disaster recovery plan How To Create SSH Tunnel With Putty Learn how to create SSH tunnel for your needs Example HP-UX Test Check this example test to see how much you know HP-UX. Heartbleed OpenSSL Security Hysteria What's about the Heartbleed Security Hysteria How To Configure SSL In Tomcat Read this article to understand how to configure SSL in Tomcat and it's java keystore. How To Secure Your MongoDB Database Server on Ubuntu 14.04 Read this article to learn how to secure your MongoDB installation on Ubuntu 14.04