Secure solutions and programming

Our secure solutions and programming services fill in the gap of what's missing on the market and provide custom, optimized solutions for specific needs. Whether you need a custom monitoring plugin or a complex intrusion detection / protection system, we can always help. Our solutions are based on:

  • Perl and Bash scripts for system programming and interaction;
  • PHP scripts for web interfaces based on the best and fastest frameworks such as Yii;
  • MySQL, MongoDB and Sqlite databases for data storage.
With the above technologies we can extend many readily available solutions and provide missing functionalities. We support and extend third party solutions such as:
  • Nagios, Cacti and any other popular monitoring tool;
  • Modsecurity, MySQL proxy and any other application aware software that allows interaction while proxying requests;
  • Popular logging solutions such as Splunk, rsyslog, NoSQL based logging solutions;
  • Iptables;
  • Almost any other Linux and Open Source solution which allows extensions.
Contact us today and get a quote for any solution tailored specifically to your needs.

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