Secure Web Hosting

Website security depends greatly on the web hosting (but not entirely). Web hosting services differ and first we will review the most popular and affordable shared web hosting. When choosing your provider look for these:

  1. Web server (Apache) must work in chrooted environment. This means that users can't see each other processes and files. If someone is able to read your files your security is compromised. This condition is not covered by 90% of the providers.
  2. Make sure that PHP is the latest stable branch, allow_url_include and register_globals are turned of. Running older PHP versions and configuration mistakes like the previous degrade seriously your website security.
  3. Make sure there is adept technical support. Usually advanced support services are additionally paid but if you need them once per year that shouldn't be a problem. Instead the problem will be if you need them and they are not there.
  4. There are many additional things like brute force protection, IDS/IPS, special kernels and so on which might also help but don't fall for them. The three above are the most important features to look for in order to ensure your website security.

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