Linux Server Security

Linux server security is very damanding. It's much more than just regularly updating your server's software. Our services include:

  • Services security - applying of best security configurations to SSHD, Apache, mail servers and any other services running on the server;
  • Firewall setup - we can configure your firewall in such a way to allow only the connectivity that's needed for your server. Deny any potenial risks with unneeded outgoing connetivity and avoid exposing any service to the outside;
  • Application firewalls - setup of mail, web and database firewalls to prevent any intrusion attemtps;
  • Server auditing - we can provide and configure a complete auditing solution to track any activity on your server;
  • Server logging - complete solutions for logging written especially for your needs. Don't waste your money on big name products that you don't understand and cannot work with;
  • Secure authentication - implementation of the best and most secure ways for authorization for all services and all users;
  • PCI preparation - our longterm experience with PCI requirements can help you pass the PCI certification on all levels.
  • Monitoring.
Linux server security is one of the most complex and responsible IT administration tasks. Let us worry about the unlimited security threats and endless malicious attacks. Contact us for a quote now.

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