Site Hacked Complaints

When your site is hacked or your server is flooded you become a victim of malicious activity. Very often such victims wonder if they can prosecute legally the attacker and / or seek compensation. In 99.99% of the cases it is not feasible to take any counter action against the hackers because there are rarely any reliable traces left by the attacker and usually the crime is beyond the scope of a single authority.

The first problem is the reliability of the traces about the hackers. The chance that your logs will reveal the real IP address / location of the attacker are smaller than to meet that person on the street and to recognize him. Usually, there are numerous middle hosts used to hide the origin of the attack. In the best case you will find another hacked site / server which is already obliterated.

Furthermore, if you file a formal complaint in the police or the corresponding local authority they are usually negligent and will ignore your issue. There are thousands of such issues reported daily and there are no resources to investigate them all, not to mention that usually it is impossible.

That's why the practice is that such issues are ignored. Even large companies don't prosecute the usual violators / scammers. For example, if a famous bank / payment processor representatives detect a scam site for their company they will just require the host to shut down the site. They will never request logs or try to find out who the violator is.

Thus if your site is hacked / compromised you better begin thinking seriously about website security and find out how to prevent such issues in future. Otherwise, your complaints will probably just entertain bad listeners(officials). The funnies related story is about the attack of the repo men.

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