Website Security Services

Website security is more than just paying for an SSL and sometimes updating patching your site's code. It's about following the current trends and thinking one step ahead of the bad guys. Our services include:

  • Code and application updating, patching of vulnerabilities. We support any PHP, Java and MySQL application.
  • Web forms protection - everything from proper validation to captcha implementation;
  • Web vulnerabilities assessment - scanning of your site for known and unknown vulnerabilities;
  • Logs analysis - analysis of your web logs for any malicious activities. We can also automate such analysis through scripting. Thus you are alerted immediately when intrusion attemtps occur and you are able to take actions;
  • DDOS protection - consulting about the best DDOS protection solutions and their most effective implementation;
  • Web application firewall - we can help you choose the best web application firewall for your needs. We can configure it and set it up either on your web server or implement it in your code.
Website security has been our speciality for a long time. We're the authors of one of the best solutions for detecting malicious code and pioneered the war against hackers on a large scale for thousands of different size websites. 

Entrust your website security to the best professionals and avoid being caught by surprise. Contact us for a quote now.

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